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About Tee Up Capital

Tee Up’s mission is to become the leading dormitory operator in Singapore

Tee Up Capital Pte Ltd was set up in 2006 with a vision to provide top quality dormitories for migrant workers in Singapore. We believe in providing workers with a clean and conducive living environment in which they feel comfortable in.

At our core, we excel in three distinct realms of management: dormitory, facilities & operations, and hostel & lodging.

In dormitory management, we finesse the art of communal living. Our expertise lies in curating vibrant, well-maintained spaces that foster community spirit while ensuring individual comfort and security.

Facilities & operations management is where precision meets innovation. We orchestrate seamless functionality, optimizing spaces for productivity and sustainability. From maintenance to resource allocation, we elevate operational efficiency to unparalleled heights.

In the domain of hostel & lodging, our expertise shines. We harmonize luxury with practicality, delivering exceptional guest experiences through top-tier amenities and personalized service. Our commitment to guest satisfaction defines every aspect of our management approach, setting new standards in hospitality and comfort.

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