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Resident Engagement Team

The Resident Engagement Team (RET) at PPT Lodge 1A was set up in February 2023 and is the first in Singapore. It embodies a commitment to elevating the standard of communal living within our dormitory. We are not just facilitators but active participants in weaving a fabric of community, rich in diversity and unity. Our vision is expansive yet intimate; we aim to foster a thriving, dynamic community, where the diversity of every resident is both acknowledged and celebrated. Each individual, with their unique backgrounds and stories, is seen as an integral component in the intricate mosaic of our dormitory life.


Our mission extends beyond the mere provision of a living space. We are dedicated to creating a dormitory community that feels like home while offering a caring, secure and supportive environment to live in and nurturing lasting relationships​. In this environment, every interaction is infused with care, and respect blossoms naturally, giving rise to a supportive and cohesive community. Relationships aren’t incidental here; they are intentionally nurtured, marked by a depth that transforms transient connections into lasting bonds of friendship and mutual support.


RET is the embodiment of this ethos. As the first initiative of its kind in Singapore, we have not only set a precedent but have continuously raised the bar. Our approach is holistic, with every initiative, program, and interaction meticulously crafted to not just meet but exceed the expectations of our residents. Each element of our engagement strategy is designed to transcend the conventional, offering an experience that is as enriching as it is unique.


The journey with RET isn’t just about residing; it’s about thriving amidst a backdrop of enriched connections, shared experiences, and the unwavering support of a community that sees, values, and celebrates each member. We are not just setting a standard; we are redefining the essence of communal living, making our dormitory a benchmark of inclusivity, unity, and enriched living in Singapore.