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Flea for All


Once upon a time, in the vibrant halls of PPT Lodge 1A dormitory, we had the pleasure of organizing a remarkable event – a flea market exclusively for our residents. Our objective was more profound than providing a platform for trade. We aimed to sow seeds of unity, to foster an ecosystem where residents not only lived together but supported, celebrated, and uplifted each other. Every item sold at a bargain price, every unique treasure discovered, echoed this ethos of mutual support and shared prosperity.


On the day of the flea market, our common area transformed into a lively and bustling marketplace. We set up colorful stalls with captivating displays, filling the air with the sounds of laughter and cheerful conversations.


Every stall, colorfully adorned and meticulously arranged, was a canvas where residents displayed not just goods for sale, but fragments of their creativity and ingenuity.


As the day unfolded, PPT Lodge 1A was not just a dormitory but a living, breathing entity echoing with laughter, buzzing with cheerful conversations, and radiant with the shared joy of a community coming into its own. The flea market turned into a catalyst, accelerating the journey from co-residence to a deep-seated sense of belonging and unity.


In the aftermath, the echoes of the day’s triumph lingered. The stalls might have been dismantled, but the bonds forged, the connections made, and the sense of community birthed, stood as indomitable edifices. The flea market was not an end, but a beautiful beginning, a testament to the magic that unfolds when individuals from diverse paths come together, united by shared experiences and a common journey.


Every smile, every purchase, and every shared story from that remarkable day is engraved in the annals of PPT Lodge 1A, a reminder that we are more than a dormitory – we are a family, woven together by the invisible yet unbreakable threads of unity, respect, and shared humanity.